Tours focusing on the darker side of history

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Go to KGB and Soviet Era Tour

KGB and Soviet Era Tour

If you are interested in more than just the medieval history of the city and want to learn about the days under Soviet rule, join our Old Town KGB and Soviet era tour.

Go to Ghost Tour

Ghost Tour

We cannot promise you’ll meet any ghosts yourself, but you will hear many remarkable stories about the haunted buildings in Tallinn.

Go to Brothels, Saunas and Pharmacies

Brothels, Saunas and Pharmacies

What do all these have in common? More than you might think!

Go to Soviet Prison Tour

Soviet Prison Tour

Currently off limits, sorry :(

History is usually written by either politicians or academics; that's why the stories seem ridiculously glorious or mundanely gray. But the stories that make up history are created by living, breathing people. Just like you and me. They have will, doubts, desires and fears.

Our tours bring you to a brothel and a prison, to the sauna and the pharmacy. To all the places where the dark desires of citizens of Tallinn have been fulfilled and where relief was offered to the ailments caused by these desires.

Lets go and see how people ignored by history textbooks lived.


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