May 24, 2017

Brothels, Saunas and Pharmacies

About the tour

We often have many misconceptions when it comes to medieval times. One of these is that people were not so keen to bath. In fact, saunas and bathhouses were a well-known and used thing and considered kind of institution even -- a place to get clean, socialise, and relax. Yet there were times they had rather notorious and ambiguous reputation. And not to mention the brothels! There were even times these houses were considered a necessary evil or even an ordinary part of a city life, some being owned by the city government itself. Even more vibrant life style centres were medieval pharmacies, providing not only medicines and cures for ailments, but also entertainment, drinks, sweets, exotic goods, news, and all kind of novelties.

The saunamen, apothecaries, ladies in the brothel, and town executioners all knew the human flesh very well and provided the cure and relaxation needed. And there were times they all were shunned by doctors or priests. In a way they were competition. Come and walk with us through the medieval streets of Tallinn old town to learn what was the past itself, the beliefs, and attitudes prevailing during these centuries really like and what was life like over here centuries ago!

Pricing and info

This tour is a private tour will take about 1.5 hours.

Tickets are 15€ per person with a minimum fee of 45€.
We have discounts for bigger groups, students and children. Contact us for a quote.

Available in English, Finnish and Estonian.