March 27, 2017

Ghost Tour

About the tour

Some of us are able to see what others cannot. Some of us believe that the living and the dead are existing side by side and sometimes the thin veil that separates these parallel realms gets torn and humans and animals can sense the presence of the Others and vice versa, and their destinies will become intertwined.

Whether you believe in ghosts, spooks, and spirits of good and evil, spectres, revenants, ghouls, phantoms, poltergeist, or any type of supernatural beings or not, is not of any relevance. As the stories are out there already, some being retold by centuries, some born to relay the events taking place mere few months or years ago. Many of these stories have assumed a life of their own and as such colour our perception and excite our imagination.

The site of present day Tallinn had a human settlement already more than five and half thousand years ago. We may say that the story of this city as we know it starts about thousand years ago, although first written account of its existence is from 1154.

The first stone houses were built over here in 1219 and from that time this city has seen many more sieges, battles, suffering, injustice, torture, plagues, and untimely deaths. And many of the dead seem to be restless and do not want us to forget about them.

If you are curious about the darker side of our ostensibly charming Old Town and Toompea Hill, want to know what may or may not lurk in the shadows, what has happened over here in the past, come and take a walk with us through the cobblestone streets when the hustle and bustle of a busy day has died down and the shadows become sharper and longer.

We cannot promise you’ll meet any ghosts yourself, but you will hear many remarkable stories about the haunted buildings and sites as well as find out about some historical events taking place during the past 800 years.

Pricing and info

This tour is a private tour will take about 1.5 hours.

Tickets are 15€ per person with a minimum fee of 45€.
We have discounts for bigger groups, students and children. Contact us for a quote.

Available in English, Finnish and Estonian.